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Tang’s Alterations

Do you own a beautiful old dress that doesn’t quite fit?

Problem solved. We can alter any dress to fit you like a glove. Don’t let minor measurement issues stop you, we’ve got the solution. Give us a call at 334-239-8258 with any questions or concerns.

Need a suit or tuxedo tailored for a special occasion?

We can customize your desired outfit no matter what your height, weight or preference. Let us handle all your tailoring needs or concerns – we’re the experts. Stop by 8125 G Decker Lane, we’re open 6 days a week.

Take control of your outfit:
» Dress alterations
» Suit alterations
» Pant alterations
» Custom designs
» Buttons and more

Call us today at 334-239-8258 for absolutely ANY tailoring or alteration needs.

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In Prattville
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We'll Alter Anything
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